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Together we can change things

If you've ever witnessed the cruelty life can dish out to the undeserving and wondered what it will take to change, wonder no more. If you've ever seen devastated bodies and souls and wished one person could make a difference, wish no more. If you've ever seen the suffering encircling this planet and wished there was something, anything, you could do to help, we present to you, TheGive5.

You can relieve human suffering by helping rescue a child from a brothel, by providing reconstructive surgery for female victims of intentional acid burn or war rape. You can help feed the hundreds of thousands in refugee camps, bring medical attention into the heart of a war zone, drill for water in a desert, combat disease, bring safety and love to a tiny, orphaned victim of the AIDS epidemic, or organize thousands of tons of food to get to the victims of the next disaster. TheGive5 - it's really many of us helping many in need.

Thank you for taking a few minutes to look over this site.