On the banks of a stagnant, dirty river, women and children can be seen filling their containers with water for drinking... a few meters away their neighbors are bathing and washing their clothes in the same dirty water. The long trek back home will take hours, and tomorrow the scene will be replayed. It won't matter if your child is ill, if your cooking needs to be done, if your crops are failing, or if fatigue has settled over you like an iron blanket—not making the trip for water is simply not an option. Lives depend on that arduous journey. Now, imagine the everlasting relief felt when Angel Mission arrives to end it.

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Angel Mission is an international development organization, bringing help and hope to poor and disadvantaged communities. Partnering with multiple organizations both locally and internationally, they seek sustainable ways to end poverty and bring relief to people in the driest lands.

Basic resources are not easy to come by in many areas of the world. In fact, something as simple as drinking a glass of clean water is still a dream to 1.1 billion people. Angel Mission combats ill-health and poverty by contributing services on seven different levels. Through water and sanitation, electrical power, communication establishment, agricultural development, economic empowerment, health care foundation, and the setting up of educational facilities, Angel Mission provides security to individuals and long-term solutions for communities in need.

By instituting partnerships and gathering resources, Angel Mission provides those living in unfortunate conditions with the material and hope needed to enhance their situation. Backed by the teachings and love of Jesus, their goal is to provide the disadvantaged with tools for economic development starting with the bare essentials. With determination and assistance, they can alleviate poverty and suffering, strengthening human spirit and leaving communities forever enriched.


Quick Facts

HQ Address:

PO Box 472085
Tulsa, OK 74147-2085 USA





Countries of Presence:

Tanzania, Kenya, Malawi, Zambia, India, Sri Lanka

Year Founded: