It's hard to believe he will eat tomorrow, dreams of reading are only a fantasy, where he will sleep tonight is unknown. This African refugee camp is no place for a hungry, little boy, left without family by the cruel hand of AIDS. A world away, a young Indian mother comforts her crying child, too tired to even hope for a simple antibiotic to make her well. On two continents Crossroads International bridges the gap between despair and hope, between "impossible!" and "done!"


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Working in poverty- and disease-stricken lands, Crossroads International battles fear and despair in the midst of suffering. You will find them in areas where the number of AIDS victims is astonishing and the number of resulting orphans is even more shocking. Estimated to leave another 20 million African children parentless by the year 2010, the AIDS epidemic has already left millions of young people to fend for themselves in the streets of the world's cities.

Committed to meeting the spiritual, emotional, educational and physical needs of children and adults affected by AIDS, Crossroads International is reaching out to those in need. Providing medical services free-of-charge, humanitarian aid initiatives, micro-development assistance, and child relief, Crossroads International is key to securing a pain-free future for the destitute.


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PO Box 2387
Springfield, MO 65801 USA





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South Africa, India

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