All she wanted was to go to school. She never asked to have acid thrown in her face because she was getting an education. She never even saw it coming. Today, she is nearly blind and terribly disfigured. Sadly, her story can be retold hundreds of times over. There are women and girls who face each day wondering how they will survive in a world that allows such monstrous attacks on innocent victims. Thankfully, they are no longer left to suffer in shame alone.


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Acid burning, common in some places where women have virtually no say in their own lives, is a wicked act of abuse guaranteed to create fear, shame, disfigurement and a dismal future for its victims. Often the wife of the person responsible, the victims are punished for "reasons" ranging from supposed unfaithfulness to not keeping up with duties around the home. The acid ruins the skin of the targets, often melting areas on the face or literally fusing the neck to the chin. In these countries, with almost no national law protecting women, there is nowhere for them to turn, supposing they had the money to turn there.

Depilex Smileagain Foundation is a non-profit support and assistance group for these women exposed to domestic violence and acid and kerosene burns. Managing the medical and surgical component of the project with counterpart Smileagain Italy, they help dozens of women and children each year by providing reconstructive surgery as well as psychological/psychiatric support. Their objective is to rehabilitate these victims and restore to them a sense of dignity and achievement through surgery and aftercare, and furthermore, render them financially independent through vocational training.


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