There are 27 million slaves in the world today-more than at any other time in human history. Controlled by fear and violence, they are forced to work without pay in fields, restaurants, factories and brothels-virtually anywhere criminals can make money. Free the Slaves liberates slaves around the world, helps them rebuild their lives and researches real world solutions to eradicate slavery forever.


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Free the Slaves is a nonprofit organization made up of people who don't want to live in a world with slavery, and they are willing to do something about it.They don't waste time debating which kind of slavery is worse-brick kilns or carpet looms, sex or domestic, new or old...it's all horrible. Slavery is a dark slash across the heart of all humanity.

Working on the ground with liberators around the world, Free the Slaves does what it takes to free men, women, and children and help them stay free. They use world-class research and compelling stories from the frontlines of slavery to convince the powerful and the powerless that we can end slavery. They work with businesses to eradicate slavery from their international supply chains. They educate policymakers and encourage governments to enforce their own laws against slavery. They implement solutions that are effective, efficient, sustainable, and scalable.

In one year alone Free the Slaves and its partners on the frontlines freed 354 people in India and 61 children in Ghana, trained 66 previously-enslaved women and 22 trafficking survivors in beneficial job skills, enrolled 21 former child slaves in school, and had 60 prosecutions launched against traffickers and slaveholders.


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514 10th St., NW 7th Floor
Washington D.C. 2004 USA


001-202- 638-1865



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India, Nepal, Haiti, Ghana, Sudan, Brazil, Uganda, United Kingdom, United States

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