These organizations were selected based on the following criteria:
1.    The organization must be categorized as a 501(c)(3) non-profit humanitarian relief organization directly addressing humanitarian needs resulting from poverty, famine, neglect, communicable disease, human physical or emotional abuse, or human suffering as a result of war or other military conflict.

2.    The organization has a demonstrated commitment to effective organizational management, using generally accepted business practices, thereby realizing maximum impact in their area of service.

3.    The organization has a demonstrated track record of integrity, accountability and stewardship throughout the organization regarding personnel, financial accounting, distribution of goods and services and donor management.

4.    The organization has an established network of volunteers and/or full-time staff .

5.    The organization has achieved a 3-star or above rating with the non-profit rating service Charity Navigator (, or has achieved a pre-determined equivalency of accountability and reporting. This equivalency is defined as A) Established relationships with in-country humanitarian relief agencies, B) Established relationships with and support of local government agencies, C) Engaged as a registered non-governmental agency (NGO) for the purposes of micro-finance and/or educational support and provision.