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TheGive5 presents to the world a new kind of funding initiative.

When one watches television, reads the newspaper, or logs onto the Internet, it's almost impossible to avoid the atrocities on this planet.

We are flooded with images and stories of those who are oppressed and tormented, and the amount of disaster in this world is often overwhelming, creating the belief that a small contribution could never make a difference when the need is so vast.

We're here to change that point of view! TheGive5 recognizes that each contribution, no matter how seemingly insignificant, is one step closer to the end of slavery, hunger, thirst, inadequate medical attention, and a full night's rest for millions of deserving people.

Ten contributions of $100,000 each and 200,000 contributions of $5 each both equal one million dollars. Now, 200,000 people may seem like a large number, but for comparison it is less than .07% of the entire population of the United States!

At the end of each month, the funds (a collective pool of $5 contributions) will be divided evenly among the charities. Even if just one in every 1,500 people donates (using the example above), each charity will receive no less than $85,000 a month, taking into account transaction and administrative fees.

With that, we ask a question: what is the actual worth of $5 to those of us living in this fast-food, gas-dependent, internet-based society, and what is the actual worth of $5 to a family whose only income is derived from the city garbage dump?

Think about it.

Then sign up and commit 5 bucks a month.