War is ugly. But there is nothing uglier or more tragic than a young girl being viciously attacked and used as a weapon of war-or a mother being forced to watch as her children are assaulted, then killed, before she is taken into gruesome sexual slavery. These are daily events in the life of Eastern Congo, and these are the broken lives that Panzi Hospital works so tirelessly to put together again.


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In 1999 Panzi General Referral Hospital at Bukavu was established by Dr. Denis Mukwege as a maternity hospital; however, in response to the atrocities taking place in the surrounding conflict-ridden countries, it was soon transformed to accommodate those women physically damaged by war-related rape and other severe forms of sexual violence. If needed, patients are provided with pediatric attention, access to internal medicine, surgery, OBGYN analysis, psychological care, economic assistance, and legal support.

With holistic care offered free-of-charge, Panzi Hospital is the only referral hospital in North and South Kivu that meets the demand of services for these victims. Providing accommodations, food, and psychological support in ways ranging from music therapy to crisis counseling to game therapy (for children), Panzi is, beyond a doubt, a haven for 3,500 survivors a year. With their Transit House, Panzi is able to offer social and economic assistance to 500 patients annually, through vocational training, giving and monitoring of micro-credit, as well as informal education and literacy classes. Expected as early as 2009, Panzi Hospital wishes to provide legal assistance to all hospitalized women, finally allowing them to file a suit against their aggressors in the legal system and to reclaim land, homes, possessions, and justice.


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Democratic Republic of Congo
South Kivu Province
8th Community of Pentecostal Churches in Central Africa
(CEPAC) Medical Department
General Referral Hospital of Panzi
P.O. Box 266 Bukavu





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Democratic Republic of Congo

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