privacy policy

Here at the Alpha Foundation/, we are not only responsible for providing you with our privacy policy, but we are devoted and dedicated to upholding all the commitments herein to the best of our abilities. This policy is here for all those visiting our website; please take a moment to scan through it.

The Alpha Foundation/ will protect the privacy of our donors, potential donors, guests, and website lurkers, guarding personal information from outsiders. We do not share, trade, or sell our mailing or email list to any individual or organization, no matter how much they offer. However, as there are ten programs involved in, we provide the option for each subscriber to receive information directly from these incredible charities. If you do not wish to receive additional information straight from the horse's mouth, please indicate so on the subscriber form and we will make sure you get nothing from them (even though we think they're cool).

COPPA - Kids! Parents! Listen Up!

The Children's Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998, COPPA, is a law that The Alpha Foundation/ is committed to enforcing. While all guests, even children, are welcome to surf our site, we ask parents to exercise caution in supervising their kids' online activities. This site is kid-friendly and we encourage guests of all ages to click around, learn something about these amazing charities, be inspired by the stories, and hopefully be encouraged to participate.

However, listen, if you are under 13 years of age, DO NOT provide us with any kind of personal information that would let us, or anyone else , identify you. If you do, and we find out - we're telling Mom and Dad!

If you are a parent of a child under 13 years old, please monitor your child's website viewing; there is plenty of atrocious nonsense on this world-wide web and you need to know what your kids are doing and what they are seeing. This is a safe site; many are not. If you find that your child has indeed provided us with the aforementioned personal information, please contact us immediately, and we'll get out the big eraser and make sure it does not stay in our system. And we won't even listen while you explain to your kids in your own special way what's going to happen if they pull that stunt again!

Seriously, we don't think anyone is too young to learn about the importance of supporting others in need. So, we'll do our part to protect the kids who want to check out Please, parents, do yours.


Sometimes being a supporter of a worthy cause is difficult, and that difficulty can be especially nerve-wracking if your support funds are electronically transmitted. But we don't want you to start sweating when you type in your address or credit card information, which is why we are not only using state-of-the art encryption and security measures to block your information from peeping toms, but we are also putting our best effort towards ensuring your privacy. Personally-identifiable information given to the Alpha Foundation/, both on and off-line, is untraceable and virtually inaccessible to even the moderately-above-average Joe.


A lot of websites, including, use appealingly named things called cookies, which are tidbits of information about you, the site visitor. It's nothing to be concerned about, in fact, au contraire, they are pretty neat. Though not gooey and delicious, cookies do sometimes fill up an empty space, such as the one where you previously typed in your login ID. There is no personal data stored in cookies, like what you did or typed on our site, but they do remember your preferences. Cookies are also used behind the scenes for tracking such things as link popularity; example: A computer (that's you, but we don't know it) clicked a specific link three times.

Log Files

Like cookies, log files help us watch from behind the scenes. Log files list actions that have occurred on the website, like requests to the server. With analysis tools like these, we can get a better idea of where visitors are coming from, how often they return, and how they navigate through the site. This, in turn, helps us mold our webpage into something more ideal for its users. Now, if you're feeling bothered, do not fret; we're not monitoring your specific activity with this, and these log files don't reveal anything personal about you.


Our site,, contains links to other web pages. We have nothing to do with the policies and practices of these other sites and this privacy policy you're reading is strictly for the Alpha Foundation/ Please be informed and cautious of every site's privacy statements, especially if they are collecting personally-identifiable information from you.


Occasionally we need some information from you and may ask you to fill out a form. These could include such matters as site policies, donations, orders, newsletter requests, etc. In these forms you must disclose personal information such as your name, address, and perhaps credit card number and expiration date. We assure you that the information contained in these forms is used only for responding to your request, for billing, and, if necessary, for personally getting in touch with you during the sometimes inevitable instances of credit card malfunction.

Changes To Privacy Policy

Things aren't always perfect. Should we notice that something in this policy isn't, we will mostly likely fire up the ol' cut and drag system, maybe employ some fancy copy and paste action, or perhaps just do a flat out reconstruction. Whatever way it may come, if we happen to make modifications to this document we will immediately inform each of you by email and/or site notice.