Here's the formula: $5.00 gifts come in from multiple donors. These gifts are combined into one collaborative gift and distributed evenly among the ten selected organizations. Let's assume that 1,000 gifts of $5.00 come in. That is a total of $5,000. Divide that among the 10, put 10% into the admin fund, pay the credit card transaction fees (average 3%), and each organiztion will recieve $465.00 for that month. This number will go up and down a bit, depending on how the transaction came in, what currency the gift was paid in, what the country of origin was, etc. Additional variants include the type of transaction, whether Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, Paypal, Western Union, wire transfer, etc. Okay -- so, that's the distribution number with 1,000 of us giving the minimum of $5.00 per month. What happens if we make that 10,000 donors? Add a zero to the number: the gift becomes $4,650.00 per organization, per month! What if 100,000 people signed up? Well, add another zero... taking us to $46,500! Is this even possible? YES, it is! Imagine how many meals a gift of this size could buy in the third world! Imagine how many orphans could be fed and housed, how many women and children could be rescued from slavery. This is the real deal.