Panzi Hospital
Angel Mission
Safe Passage
Crossroads International
Convoy Of Hope
Depilex SmileAgain
HealthRight International
Free The Slaves
OrphanCare International

We began by choosing 10 of the hardest-working organizations on Earth.

TheGive5 Campaign has selected 10 of the world's finest organizations, organizations that are dedicated to the relief of human suffering in some of the neediest areas of the planet. These organizations have proven track records of efficient and effective operations in their area of expertise. Over a year in the selection process, TheGive5 is honored to be able to assist these great relief organizations that have put it all on the line. For the next two years, they will each receive an equal percentage of the total donations to

These ten organizations have the infrastructure and the capabilities to get the job done. No doubt, there are hundreds more—and we encourage everyone to continue to support the charities you are currently involved with—but today, we start here!

Through TheGive5, everyone has the ability to impact the health of society.

Together we can do something incredible. It is undeniable that if we all chip in this meager amount each month we CAN change the world. We believe this is the world WE CAN FIX—TOGETHER! We are one people, one race, breathing one air and speaking with one voice. No matter what age, economic position, caste, creed, or color, we must be...we WILL be... the transformation.

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